A light in the Sky

There’s a weird glow in the sky, had you ever seen that?

No never… what is it?

That was three months ago. Now we all know what that glow was, and we all wish we hadn’t seen it.

As free as the clouds in the night sky

Image by Images by John 'K' via Flickr

That night I was out at the lake with Rick my boyfriend, we were counting stars when I saw what looked like a giant yellow star in the sky. A few minutes later it was so big, and so bright that it made the night sky bright as day. The ship soon disappeared and we hurried back home to see what was happening.

Home… what a strange word…. I haven’t seen my home since that day. I got home and ran to the TV. The ship had landed unharmed at the top of Yellowstone mountain. In the next few days scientists rushed to Yellowstone and a week after the landing they made first contact.

They seemed friendly at first. They brought promises of health and happiness. But it was all a lie. They distribute “happy pills”, tablets that would make you happy, and they did. People walked around smiling and saying “hello, have a nice day”.

One week I decided t go on a trip but got lost somewhere in Canada with no money and a dead cellphone. I eventually ran out of “happy pills”, and then I saw it, what they were really doing to our planet. The streets were full of trash, the buildings were falling apart. And the people, the happy people walking around? They were wearing rags, they looked filthy and skinny and hungry. But they couldn’t see it, the “happy pills” concealed everything and made people believe everything was okay.

I eventually made it back home, and found my parents dead on the sofa, they were probably there when I left but the pills hid that to. I ran around trying to tell people what was going on. Eventually the aliens noticed I wasn’t taking the pill and started coming after me. I got away, and started kidnapping people and getting them out of the pill, some left preferring the lies to the truth, but many stayed.

It’s been three months since the invasion, there are now 30 of us, if your reading this then your one of us to, will find you… I promise.

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One thought on “A light in the Sky

  1. cadmq says:

    find me…pleaaaseee 🙂

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