The Month of May and All it Brought me

Looking back on all the post I did last month I thought I’d share with you what I Learned from them and What I can add to what I already said.

12 of May – A Bright New Sun – Leaving Your Baggage Behind

In this post I talked about how people tend to carry all the failures and worries of the past around, and tried to remind you my readers, and my self that we don’t have to do that, that we can start clean every day and that there is no point in worrying about the past.

I’ve come to realise this isn’t quite true. You don’t have to wait for tomorrow to feel better, to leave your mistakes behind, you can do it right now. You can forget what you did wrong the moment it happened and carry on knowing you can do better and that the past doesn’t define you.

A big thanks to Frizztext for the comment on the original post.

13 of May – Vintage Photography – First Experiences

This was my first patch of vintage photographies and I still love my camera and the freedom I feel with it. But I realised that if I want really amazing pictures I need to have a project behind them, instead of just going out and looking around.

A thanks to Marilyn Griffin for her comment, I always appreciate the support. And here is one of my most recent pictures, meet my nephew and his mother playing.

29 of May – Collected Magazine – Online Finds

I found this online magazine and decided to share my find with you, however I hadn’t had the chance to read it till now. Now that I have I’ll share with you my review, something I should have done from the beginning.

The Collected magazine is wonderfully made, it’s clean and welcoming design makes you want to flip trough the pages. Inside you’ll find that it is incredibly honest to the authors goals. You’ll find items of interior design, fashion, food, travel and graphic design. All of witch follow a taste of quality over quantity where every piece is special and wonderfully crafted. You can easily click on the items you like to find them online. Overall the magazine is a wonderful break from this rushed world and makes you wish you had a house just like that. Read it and enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “The Month of May and All it Brought me

  1. What a great idea to review and share what you learned as a result!

  2. I was jus talking about you to my husband…We saw a volkswagon Van…similar to the one you want…on our way home from an overnight get-away…and telling him…not to really know a person…yet it seems as though I do…keep blogging and I’ll keep reading…mkg

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