The Masks we Wear

coffee talk

Yesterday I posted a review on my favourite topics of last month and fellow bloger and loyal reader Marilyn Griffin posted the following comment:

“I was jus talking about you to my husband…We saw a volkswagon Van…similar to the one you want…on our way home from an overnight get-away…and telling him…not to really know a person…yet it seems as though I do…keep blogging and I’ll keep reading…mkg”

She got me thinking about how well do we really know each other. Be it on-line or off-line.

I do feel that it’s possible to know someone even if you’ve never actually seen them. After all every day we all put a little bit of ourselves in our writing and that will eventually lead to people getting to know each other, maybe even better than other people that we actually see everyday. I say this because there are parts of ourselves that we don’t show to most people. It may be parts that we don’t feel comfortable sharing or things that just don’t come up in coffee talk. Regardless of the reasons it’s undeniable that we never show all of what we are to everyone we know. But when your behind a screen you feel protected and it’s easier to be yourself, your more likely to share certain things when you know you won’t be judged by it.

The months spent writing this blog and reading other blogs have given me a sense of community. I feel I have found great listeners here, and I hope to get to know you all better as time goes by. So this one’s for you Marilyn, and to all my readers. Because here and with these words I’m always myself.

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One thought on “The Masks we Wear

  1. How nice…and so true! mkg

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