Why is it so Hard to Forgive

Let go

Image by Brandon Doran via Flickr

Forgiving someone can be very hard especially if they really hurt you. I have had times when forgiveness seemed impossible, when the actions done seemed unforgivable. But time has a way to change things, to give you perspective, and eventually I find my way to forgiveness. Even if it sometimes takes a little bit longer.

I find that forgiving is hard because it demands that you find peace with the pain that was caused to you, to a point it asks that you forget the pain and let go of the hurt and anger. It sometimes may feel like betraying yourself, as if you were saying that there was no reason to be hurt or mad in the first place, it may seem your being asked to forget. But forgiveness is not forgetting it’s moving on. And it’s not about the person you forgive, it’s about you and what you hold inside. When you hold on to anger and pain, it brings you noting good, it will hurt you more than it can ever hurt the person that hurt you.

I’ve learned with my own skin the benefits of forgiving someone. You feel so much lighter after you’ve done it, as if a weight was lifted of. It doesn’t mean you forget what happened, but suddenly, when you truly forgive someone, you can look back and it will feel as a closed chapter as something truly in the past.

From a shoulder bump in the street to an abusive boyfriend, forgiveness gives us control and allows us to look at life with a smile and a hopeful eye.

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2 thoughts on “Why is it so Hard to Forgive

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