Some Memories you Should Keep

A few years ago I throw something away that I now think I shouldn’t have. I was mad at my boyfriend and throw the ring he gave me in the trash. It was a silly ring made of plastic that he had given me when we first started dating. I broke up with him a few months later, and now looking back I sometimes wish I had kept the ring. Don’t get me wrong I don’t miss my ex but that ring had good memories attached to it and I sometimes regret having trashed it in a angry moment.

Sometimes we throw away things in moments of anger that we may later regret. There are moments in live that you may feel that you don’t want nothing to do with something or someone but you shouldn’t burn bridges cause you never know if you’ll change your mind.

Nowadays I’m much more careful about burning bridges and do my best not to act when I’m not thinking straight.

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One thought on “Some Memories you Should Keep

  1. Did the same thing Marta…First boyfriend…first love…angry …gave him back all my momentos…some “I” would love to have now…Not for the attachment to him…but for what They were worth to me…So we all do it…just don’t ponder on it…mkg

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