Half Way Done – ten things I still want to do

To-do list book.

– Half a year has passed!

-What?! Already? I didn’t even noticed

-It’s true we are half way through 2011! It’s down hill know.

– But there are so many things I still want to do this year! I want to:

  1. go horseback riding
  2. do scuba diving
  3. organize my school works so I can
  4. publish my portfolio
  5. finish that painting
  6. organize my notebooks
  7. save for a new pc
  8. go with my boyfriend out in a romantic weekend
  9. get a job
  10. and most of all: open my etsy shop!

– How are you ever going to do all that?

– That part is easy, one thing at the time!

What about you? What do you still want to do till the years end?

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