Courage – Making it, Growing it and Finding it

Courage (also bravery, fortitude, or intrepidity) is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.”


Image by drp via Flickr

Courage is one of the most essential attributes for life, we all need courage in one measure or another. It allows us to move forward, to confront our fears, to endure pain, to triumph in the face of danger, to move past uncertainty and to overcome intimidation.

When we are just babies our parents make us a tiny bit of courage, they mould it out of their own courage as they encourage us to learn new things every day: walking, talking, eating. Those are the first sings of courage we show, inspired and brought on by our parents and family. We carry on with this small piece of courage trough most of our childhood overcoming what ever obstacles are put in front of us.

But for most of us, when we reach our teenage years, we loose that courage. Too busy following the crowd and being “normal” we forget what our parents gave us and for a few years walk around with no purpose and no direction. But soon comes the day when we need our courage again, and sure enough we find that little seed of courage our parents gave us and prepare to make good use of it.

After finding that courage again we are ready to enter adulthood. This is when courage shows it’s true form, it’s really capability. We now start to grow our little seed of courage, feeding it with the challenges we face daily, so that we can live and grow, and one day give a little piece of our courage to our children.

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