Robots of the Past

We think of robots as mechanical things of the future, as a proof of man’s intelligence and of technological progress. But 25 year old Hideki Higashino shows us differently, he creates mechanized puppets known as karakuri a form of art from 17th century Japan.

Etsy shows as a video from filmmaker Matthew Allard on how these beautiful dolls are created, and what they are capable of.

Every culture has it’s own traditional arts, in a world that moves as fast as ours the question becomes how will your traditional crafts integrate the future? Traditional crafts are a part of our culture and our history, they characterize the place we live in making it unique and beautiful. However these crafts are in many cases becoming a thing of the past, as the old masters die out and the young people loose interest in them, they are left behind and forgotten.

We struggle to differentiate ourselves from the crowd in this world, trying to be different and special. What better way is there to do that than to bring the traditions of our people to new light, modernizing them and keeping them in our lives as an important part of our history and culture, but also of our future. After all part of what makes us who we are are the traditions of the generations before us.

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One thought on “Robots of the Past

  1. Oh my!…How lovely and simply amazing…I too love what our forefathers gave us…I will pass this on…great reading…mkg

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