Finding your Purpose – Why you do what you do

We all look for purpose in our life, for a force to move us forward and inspire us. All of us know what we do, some of us know how we do it, but very few of us know why we to it, and the why is the most important part. Why gives us meaning in our life taking us farther then a simple consumerism culture can take us. Simon Sinek shows the importance of why we do things, and why we should all search for our “why” (that’s a lot of why). In 2009, Simon Sinek released the book “Start With Why”. Here he talks at TED about his theory.

I truly believe that life isn’t worth it if you have no purpose and this talk inspired me to look for my why in live, to find a purpose that can guide me and inspire me. What did it do for you?

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2 thoughts on “Finding your Purpose – Why you do what you do

  1. uragreat12 says:

    Let’s discuss purpose in life. The answer to that is awesomely empowering. My email is

    • Marta Sofia says:

      I believe it’s the only answer that matters, it can change everything and give you a reason to move forward. But it’s not an easy thing to find. And I think it’s harder nowadays than before.

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