Casting out Doubt


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Recently I have lost something that has been a part of me for a very long time, I lost my fear of failure. It is a powerful feeling that binds you to what is and denies you what could be.

When you fear failure you keep away from anything that is risky or uncertain. You look to what exists in the world and try to repeat it, to follow it, instead of trying to create something new, different, better. As a creative this feeling is a true problem for you cannot hope to create something new and exiting without taking some risks. But even for those of us that are not creative fearing failure is something we should strive to overcome, for we cannot have a better world if we do not act to create one.

Failure is a powerful learning tool, and it gives you two valuable lessons. First it teaches you that failing isn’t the end of the world and that you can always lift yourself up from it and try again. Secondly it show you that something isn’t working allowing you to look at ways that it can work, giving you a direction to follow and helping you realize a better path.

I am glad to be rid of the restraints of this fear, but it is something I must fight to keep out. After all if you do not show to yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of then the fear will surely return.

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One thought on “Casting out Doubt

  1. Wonderful, I’m delighted to hear about your wonderful loss. You will now become unstoppable and serve life greatly.

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