A Snapshot of a Life

Molly Landreth has been documenting, for the past five years, gay and transgendered relationships in the U.S. with her large format vintage camera. Molly developed her collection as an archive of images “that is needed and that she wants to see”.

“What is most striking about Molly Landreth’s photos are her subjects’ piercing eyes. They often stare down the camera in a defiant, almost confrontational way.  The 4×5 large format camera requires her subjects to hold still for up to a minute, allowing them to present themselves to the camera instead of striking a quick pose, as they might for a snapshot.  Molly herself is unassuming, letting her subjects choose the setting of their portraits. She describes her process as one of collaboration, relying on “trust and magic” to make beautiful and meaningful images.”

Etsy presents this wonderful world and the artist that creates it trough this video, that shows us her world. You can visit Molly’s shop here.

Handmade Portraits: Molly Landreth from Etsy on Vimeo.

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