Stop and Take Caution

Lion look around castle

Image by wirralwater (where to next?) via Flickr

We are by nature impatient creatures, we wish to see what is around the corner before we have even reached it. This past week I have surely learned this lesson.

I had been excitedly preparing for a future working and creating my own life, planning job interviews, business ideas among other things. But then I got the news, the grades of the first history exam were out, and I had failed. I know see my plans shaken as I will most likely need to take this discipline in a final exam. But all is not lost, if I study hard I might still pass and find myself back in the right track to my dreams, till then I wait and prepare.

This has taught me that we sometimes get ahead of ourselves and should learn to take the time to breath. That we must learn to take caution and give time to time, for we to often rush trough events that have yet to finish.

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One thought on “Stop and Take Caution

  1. It will be Ok…take your time…breathe as you say…and have confidence in yourself…I know you will achieve your goals…

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