The Window Seat if you Please

Window Seat 2

Image by *clairity* via Flickr

We all have our favourite seats in a trip. Whatever trip it is we get to choose between a window seat or a aisle seat. For some it will depend on the mean of transportation or the destination, for me however I almost always choose the window seat.

I love to look out the window and watch the world pass by, be it the country in a train ride, the people in a bus ride or the giant clouds in a plane. It is a magical thing to watch the world around you move as you stay still, as if someone had pressed the pause button in you and let everyone else continue. It makes me feel like a small little creature in a big big world.

There is a calm that surround us when we watch the world roll by, suddenly all our problems and worries seem meaningless. I love to look out the window during my trips because it calms my mind, I can finally take a breath and remember that all is okay, that my problems are meaningless and that it will all work itself out. Sometimes I wished I could go on a plane ride just so I could feel that feeling.

There is an exception to my preference tough. In a crammed bus I prefer the aisle, so I can get out as soon as possible. Wouldn’t you?

Where do you prefer to travel? The aisle or the window?

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