Mid Year Goal Review

We all make new year resolutions, we all set goals that we want to reach by the end of the year. But most of us end up failing those goals, be it because we forget them or simply because we give up. Erin recently share her year resolutions list in her blog Analyfe, you can check out the post here.

When the year started this is what my goal list looked like. Doesn’t look very inspiring does it?

Here’s how I’ve done so far.

Reading, photographing and drawing more

I’ve actually been reading a lot this year, although I stopped in the last month, I’ve also taken a lot of photographs. But I have failed miserably when it comes to drawing.

Completing my design graduation

After a lot of effort I have finally done it, just got word of my last grades and I am officially a graduate.

1 Post a day in my blog

I have mostly succeeded here although I am two post behind at the moment, a fact to be dealt with soon.

Exercising daily

Here I have utterly failed, although I have been considering amending this recently.

Finding a Job

Now that I finished with college I’m going to focus on finding work and hopefully fulfil this goal.

Renting a house

Once I get a job I will start looking for a home.

Learning Illustration and Design thinking

I have done neither of these and haven’t even planned in doing them.

Create a portfolio

I have started work on this this week and will hopefully finish soon.

Participate in competitions

I have so far participated in one competition this year and am currently preparing to do another one.

As you can see these haven’t been exactly successful goals, I think I need to review some of these goals, make them more specific and easier to achieve, I also need them somewhere where I won’t easily forget them. So here I my new improved goals.

  1. Read a book a month
  2. Go out to photograph every week
  3. Draw something everyday
  4. Complete my design graduation (done)
  5. Post everyday in my blog
  6. Create a daily exercise routine
  7. Get a job
  8. Find a house to rent
  9. Learn something new about design every week
  10. Create a portfolio
  11. Participate in a competition every month (invent one if there is none available)
  12. Donate money for a good cause every month

Now that I have my new goals I’m going to make them easier to find by creating a background for my PC with my goals. Like this they will be right in front of me everyday.

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2 thoughts on “Mid Year Goal Review

  1. In focusing on these intentions below, I would like to share with you an MP3 that will help to enable you to achieve these intentions more easily with no cost or obligation- all I need is your email address given here or sent to uragreat12@gmail.com

    Get a job
    Find a house to rent
    Learn something new about design every week
    Create a portfolio
    Participate in a competition every month (invent one if there is none available)
    Donate money for a good cause every month

  2. analyfe says:

    Those are wonderful resolutions, and you’ve still got 6 more months to work on them! I just tell myself that even if I don’t do everything, I’m doing more than I would have done otherwise. I wish you the best of luck!

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