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WordPress is truly a community. Today I found an inspiring arts and craft blog, with lots of interesting art and inspiring posts, and so I subscribed to it.

Subscribing to a blog is a way to enter peoples lives that sometimes feels more real than actually meeting them, what you see in someone’s blog is what they are willing to show you, what they want to share with the world. A blog is not only who you are but also who you want to be. That’s why liking a post or subscribing to a blog is the most sincere form of flattering you can give to a fellow blogger, it is as telling them: “You have something important to say.”

So meet Nat and her blog “The Smallest forest”, here’s what she says about herself:

“I’m a bookbinder, mainly, though I will frequently dabble my fingers in a dozen other pies, besides. I feel compelled to articulate living and loving with my hands, love the challenge of learning something new or figuring out how to turn my imagination into real things, and I love the singular quality of  the handmade, creative, and self-reliant life.”

by Nat, from “The Smallest forest”

And here are some of my favourite posts:

No time like the present...

A boudoir chair?

Embroidery: the tear-away transfer method

Also check out her other blog filled with craft tutorials:

From Hell to Breakfast” means “from one end to the other,” or “from top to bottom,” or “from start to finish”.

It’s about my art and craft materials stash, the quest to find projects and ways of using it all up, and documenting the process with tutorials and photos.

by Nat, from “From hell to breakfeast”

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