Fairs and Markets

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Yesterday I went to the market. It’s a small market but has loads of stuff, most of the stalls sell fruit or flowers, some sell traditional crafts and some sell meat and fish, so you can basically buy anything you need there. However most of the younger generations don’t visit the market, but nonetheless it’s always filled with people coming and going, that together with all the stalls makes for a place filled with colours sounds and smells. I love to visit the market for pictures and maybe some fresh fruit, you can always find something new to photograph and there is always lost of local fruit.

Yesterday however something different led me there. They were hosting an antiquities fair or a flea market (not sure wish is more correct). I love fairs, they’re great opportunities to get something unique at a low price.

There aren’t many fairs in Madeira and as such I take my change to visit the ones we do have. But I feel I still have much to learn about them, especially in the realm of haggling prices. It’s not exactly a custom do do so here so I’m not really sure how to do it.

I still had fun at the market and got a very cute vintage padlock.

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3 thoughts on “Fairs and Markets

  1. I want to see the unique lock…you are a “girl after my own heart”…have you heard that expression??? in other words …we like the same things…I love flea markets…thrift stores…and the like…keep writing…

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