Looking for a Purpose

Altocumulus cloud, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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I have been uninspired lately. As I sit in front of the computer to write my post for the day, I feel tongue tied, as if suddenly I have noting to say. This is mostly due to feeling lost, without purpose. So I set out on a mission to find my purpose, to define my goals in life and to find the path I wish to follow. I started this journey last night, and am still to close to the beginning to tell you whether it will work or how it changed me, but I can tell you it has brought peace in my heart to know that I take on this journey.

I will share with you the lessons I learn on this journey, but for now there was a site that particularly help in defining what I needed to do, and for those of you looking for purpose, or just needing to find yourselves again I leave this website that set me on my path: The One Question (T1Q)

Hope you enjoy it!

Cause even in these troubled times we must find the strength to dream and to follow our dreams. For if we do not, we are nothing but machines.

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