A Moment in a Frame

“Can a camera truly capture a moment in time when it is unable to capture itself or its user in that moment?”


Image by moellerh via Flickr

Photography has been used for many years both by professionals and amateurs to capture moments of life on earth. Some where more successfully than others. Like many other forms of art the flaw is not in the use of a camera but in the way you use it. When 9/11 happened there where two different types of pictures, the pictures of the towers falling and the damages done, and the pictures of the people that were trying to get away or help. For me it’s the pictures of the people that truly capture the moment, that show not only what was happening but what people were feeling. Because photography is more than just recording events, it’s recording feelings.

It is the photographers responsibility to use his sensibility and imagination to capture the moment that he is recording. And the true value of a photographer is shown when he is capable of convening the feelings of that moment to the observers.

As to the camera not being able to capture itself or it’s user it’s not entirely true. I could say that a photographer can take a shot of himself and his camera but that is not what I mean. Every photograph has imprinted in itself the features of the camera it was taken with, and it carries the decision of the photographer to take the shot.

“Pieces of soul, kept in a thousand images…” André Quintal (refering to my photography album)

Because truly every time a photographer takes a shot and chooses to share it with the world, he is showing you a part of his soul.

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