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Be yourself / Sé tú

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Writing this blog has been a wonderful experience: lots of fun trough a path of constant learning. But I sometimes find it hard to schedule the time to write my posts. So today, following on the footsteps of Erica Johnson, I’m going to write this post in thirty minutes, not because I need to but because it seams like a wonderful way to improve and evolve in my writing. And also cause I don’t really have the time today.

I usually spend about an hour just thinking of what I could write about before even starting a post. Today however I have no topic, I am simply talking to all of you and ranting.

It’s harder than it seams to just keep writing when you don’t even have a theme. There is a temptation to stop writing and try to find  theme. But so far so good!

As blogers it is sometimes hard to know if your doing a good job with your blog. Meaning, if your being consistent in how you write and what you write about. I try to write about topics that interest me, but I sometimes fear that I’m a little bit all over the place, not really conveying a consistent and coherent image of what it is I am interested in. Partly because I don’t have that image myself. As to the writing I feel this has been a wonderful way to practice my English. Although it is extremely hard to write in a language that is not our own, it is that much more rewarding when someone tells you they liked your post. Even if trough the simple act of pressing the like button. It tells you all the effort was worth it, and that your English is not that bad.

There is one thing I would like everyone to know: don’t be afraid, to be yourself! I’m pouring my heart out today, and no matter how many like or hate the post, it’s who I am! There is noting more important!

For everyone out there it’s okay to have doubts, but you can’t let them stop you. We are who we are, the good, the bad, and everything in between. And if the world around you doesn’t like it, it doesn’t matter. Many will despise you for being who you are, it’s part of human nature. But if you don’t show the world who you are, then no one will ever truly love you. And believe me, there is someone out there that will love you just the way you are!

That was 22 minutes, see you tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “30 Minutes Post

  1. I could comment every day…I always have something to say about anything…but, I feel I need to give beneficial comments…I love your blog…because I don’t know what to expect…you surprise me…sometimes with your art…photos…writings…or what you read…all is good…all is you!

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