A Consumerist society and a Crumbling World – Part 2 (Greed)

This is a follow up on the post A Consumerist society and a Crumbling World.


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I ended the previous post by stating that the problem of this world is greed. And today I heard a story that, in my view, confirms this.

A man won the lottery, 15 million Euro, more than enough money to lead a care free life. You would think this person would buy a house, a car, go on a trip and use the rest of the money for an early retirement. And he probably did all these things! But he did something I don’t understand. For some reason this person continued playing the lottery! And a few months latter won it, again!

It’s not that I’m jealous, really! I just don’t get the logic behind it! You’re a millionaire! Why would you play in the lottery? They’re other people who actually need the money!

A few months ago I heard another story that shocked me. A TV broadcast where a company complained of having had a very low profit during the past year. At first I thought: That sucks! But then I hear the reporter saying: “Only 50 millions (or something in the vicinity) of profit” Only? In what world is 50 millions only? … and he continues to say:”that will be split by all 12 (or something) of the investors”… Poor guys only 4 million each…. Seriously? People are starving out there! And you’re crying that you only made 4 million this year? What world do you live in?

It seems that so many of us have been detached from the “real world”. We’re so caught up on buying and buying, that we forget that there are people around us that don’t have the money for food, let alone those black stilettos! And don’t think I’m above it, I’m not, I do it to! But I truly believe we need to change. We need to look at those around us and take care of them. Because, alone, we’re noting. We are social beings and yet we have grown so solitary.

In the past I dreamt with the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect vacation house, the boat, all that stuff! But nowadays when I see how bad it gets for some, I can’t dream all those big dreams with a clear concious, not when the world is so messed up. I’m happy with a good home, a good car and some money to travel once in a while. I wish one day I will have one day enough money to live comfortably, and be able to help others.

This could be a wonderful world, if only we could care a little bit more about those around us and stop worrying about having all the perfect things. Because owning all those things won’t make us happy. We need human contact for that. Human love!

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