Improving Your Skills

We all have skills we would like to improve on. Some are skills that we need for our work and others are skills that our hobbies demand of us. Regardless of why you want to improve or what you want to improve on we all eventually hit a wall. A place in skill level and time where we simply stop improving.

For many years scientists believed this was simply the point where our natural skill didn’t allow us to move farther. Meaning where you couldn’t improve because your body didn’t allow you to improve. Nowadays scientists have a different view.

When you hit that wall it simply means you consider that you’ve reached a point where your good at the activity your performing, and consciously unconsciously you stop trying to improve. Joshua Foer calls it the “OK Plateau”. This manly happens because you stop trying to preform outside your comfort zone, to and extent, you settle.

Joshua Foer explains how to overcome this “OK Plateau” on this talk by 99 Percent called: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone and Study Yourself Failing

Basically Joshua states two things we can all do to improve at any skill.

Firstly study yourself failing. When you perform outside your comfort zone you are likely to fail, but you are also likely to learn from it. The challenge is to watch yourself fail and study how and why you fail. The second action is to observe those that are better than you. Look at what people that excel at what your trying to do are doing and try to mimic them and learn from them.

At the end of the day as long as you keep challenging yourself you’ll continue to improve. The trick is not to settle!

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2 thoughts on “Improving Your Skills

  1. variations on a theme 🙂 I’m seeing a trend here… xx,N.

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