Super 8 – Movie review

Super 8 movie trailer

I just watched this movie last week and loved it. it’s totally worth the trip to the cinema. You go into the cinema expecting an action/trhiller movie and you won’t be disappointed. Excellently directed and with great young actors the movie is packed with action and, if like me you’re easy to spook, you’ll get your share of jumps from the seat. But the movie goes farther!

The reason I loved this movie wasn’t that it’s a great action flick. You love this movie because it’s a brilliant mix of several genders. You’ll find: sci-fi, action, thriller, mystery and a pinch of romance and comedy.

It was quite a ride and I laughed just as much as I jumped from the chair. I won’t give away the plot but I highly recommend it. It’s a brilliantly written and directed movie that will entertain you for a solid two hours.

Don’t miss it!

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One thought on “Super 8 – Movie review

  1. Jacqueline says:

    oh, i had wanted to see this. sounds like it lived up to the hype!

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