Note Book Conundrum

I bought this notebook at Kate Hust‘s Etsy store. And I absolutely love it!

Ceramic Notebook

But I have a problem…

I don’t no what I’m going to use it for!

I had a plan, I really did, I was going to use the notebook to archive my drawing, photos and ideas, like a book to show to potential clients. Cute no?

But I think now that it may be a little bit too small for that.

I have since then considered:

  • using it as a regular notebook (nooo! it’s too cute for that!)
  • writing “cute” and Marking quotes
  • sketchbook (although I’m afraid I’ll brake it walking around with it)
  • photo archive
  • final art work
  • project notebook (for a special project)
  • business notebook (for all things business related. what business you ask? still in idea for, which is code for: no idea!)

And that’s all I can think about.

Maybe I’m making a big deal out of this, it’s just a notebook. Right?

Have you ever faced the same dilemma? How did you solved it?

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3 thoughts on “Note Book Conundrum

  1. I love it but what a sign of the times when you mention NOTEBOOK and I expected to see electronic..geez..kind of sad on my part!!!

  2. cadmq says:

    why dont u buy three more.then u can use it for many things :))

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