Five Things I Love About My Culture

Here are my top five traditions from my small Atlantic island of Madeira.

Number 1: Dacing

I love our folklore dance, it may look funny and silly but I love it. It’s a very simple dance and because it’s so simple anyone can do it. So both kids, adults and elders get together and dance. It’s great to watch!

Number 2: Poncha

A traditional alcoholic drink that is the delight of anyone that visit us. It’s sweet but strong and we love it.


Number 3: Embroidery

Our traditional embroidery has been a part of our cultural identity for many years, and it still has it’s place at every family Christmas table. It’s intricately done by hand and it can take hours to make a simple cup base.


Number 4: Market Evening

Every year on the 23th of December the market stays open trough the night. Fruit, moss and trees stands fill the streets surrounding the market place, and stands selling food and drinks keep the visitors in good spirits. The streets fill up completely making it hard to move around. but I still love it!

Market Night

Number 5: Festivals

Throughout the summer we have dozens of festivals, lots of music food and drink and mostly lots of fun. They’re not the typical music festivals with big concerts, it’s more about the food and the drinks than the music, so what you see are stand lined up in the streets as you travel from one to the other eating and drinking.

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3 thoughts on “Five Things I Love About My Culture

  1. That was a lovely post…I loved all of it…It’s so good to have traditions…even here in Kentucky, USA …we have our favorite things…I was impressed with this post!

  2. analyfe says:

    That’s great that you can recognize and appreciate the traditions off your culture! In the US, everyone is so autonomic that it’s hard to pinpoint true traditions, but my family at least has a few special ones. Great topic! 😀

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