The Heart and the Head Two Batling Forces

“Are you driven by your head or your heart? Or maybe by something else? How do you balance the conflicting forces for how to be?” by The Daily Post

follow your heart

Image by Chris JL via Flickr

I believe there are moments in life where the heart or the head hold a bigger weight. But overall my heart tends to have a stronger pull.

However it does depend on the situation. Usually I follow my heart when the decision I’m facing has immediate consequences, like buying a new outfit or going on a walk in the beach. I follow my head when the consequences of my acts will reflect on the total of my life, like choosing a degree or deciding to move out. Of course this isn’t an exact science, and many times you can’t predict what the consequences of your actions will be.

Heart and head don’t necessarily eliminate each other, they most often simply balance each other out. Your heart may tell you to start your own company or run away with your lover, but your head balances things by saying that you should also have a back up plan and look for a stable job while your business is developing or get to know the person before abandoning everything for them.

Most of the times I feel that the reason is somewhere in the middle. And that extremism to either heart or head can be dangerous.

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