Parents – Allowing for Growth

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When a new human being is brought into the world and into a family, everything changes!

Baby’s cause massive change in a family. They force parents to adjust schedules and activities to this new life form that is now a part of the day to day life of the family unit. Usually baby’s are planned or wished, sometimes they’re not, but whatever the case they are welcomed.

With the passing of time the little helpless baby that was brought into this world by it’s parents, grows up!

He becomes an  individual, a person in his own right. Someone with his own thoughts and expectations. And although parents rejoice in watching their baby grow up, they sometimes have some difficulties dealing with the consequences of this fact.

Which is what I wanted to talk about today.

Every son our daughter will reach an age when they disagree with their parents. For me that time came when I abandoned my degree on veterinary to return home with no other plan in place. My parents had great reasons to disagree with me, and eventually they proved themselves to be right. But regardless of the reasons behind it, it was my mistake to make.

Parents have a tendency to want to protect their sons from everything, and they sometimes forget that at a certain point they will have to let us do our own mistakes so we can learn from them and grow up.

I don’t think my parents ever truly regain their confidence in my judgement after that.

It is a lot harder to make your own decisions, and choices when the people that should support you no matter what insist in showing you their disapproval in such a blunt way. I know I’ll always be “Daddy’s little girl”, but that is no excuse for denying me the respect and trust of making my own decisions.

Leave the judging for the jury and god. After all aren’t our lives our own to live? Or do the people that brought us to this world have a say in it, just because they brought us to this world?

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One thought on “Parents – Allowing for Growth

  1. Yes, I feel our parents do have a say…but, it is our choice to abide or not…because we are given free will…I have seen many young adults choose things that may be wrong and if they had listened to their parents it would have turned out much better…But, as you say …it is your life…and in making our own decisions…our own mistakes…we can blame only ourselves…

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