What I Couldn’t Live Without

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I guess you could say I’m a small town girl. I grew up in Madeira, a beautiful small island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. In many ways we are just as modern as any other European city. But living in an island has it’s differences.

To an extent you live isolated from the rest of the world, and travelling is a bit more complicated. Traditions and customs tend to stick around for longer and change is slower. I have complain often about the “problems” of living in an island, but there is one thing that I couldn’t live without.

The sea

I absolutely love the sea.

I love to walk by the shore in the summer nights and feel the sea breeze in the air.

I love to swim in the dark blue ocean where you can’t even see two feet down.

I love it’s smell.

I love the immensity of it that makes you feel as if there are no limits around you.

I love it’s rage when winter comes and the waves rise, as if it’s reminding you that your only a guest here.

To an extent the sea is part of my identity. I grew up with it. You could say I have salty blood.

The sea is a force of nature, it’s a companion and a friend, and a constant reminder that live is beautiful.

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