Local Living Economy

 We live in a world of globalization where making more money, always, is the rule. Judy Wicks talks about a new way to live and grow, creating local living and loving economies that create a safe and a culture filled society.

The Local Living Economies Movement is about:
Maximizing relationships, not maximizing profits,
Growth of consciousness, not materialism,
Democracy and decentralized ownership, not concentrated wealth,
A living return, not the highest return,
A fair price, not the lowest price,
A living wage, not the minimum wage,
Sharing, not hoarding,
Simplicity, not gluttony,
Life serving, not self-serving,
Partnership, not domination,
Cooperation based, not competition based,
Win-win exchange, not win-loose exploitation,
Family farms, not factory farms,
Bio-diversity, not monocrops,
Cultural diversity, not monoculture,
Creativity, not conformity,
Slow food, not fast food,
Our bucks, not Starbucks,
Our mart, not Wal-Mart,
Valuing life, over life-style,
And as the Earth Charter says,
“Being more, not having more.”

Check out the full article on Etsy: Local Living Economies and may we all find a way to live closer to home in a more sustainable way.

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2 thoughts on “Local Living Economy

  1. If only we could get people to do this!…but, sometimes small steps lead to bigger strides…we could start!

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