Casting a Vision For Your Life


Image by yamayadori via Flickr

We all have to work for a living, it’s a condition of human nature, partly because we need money to survive, partly because we feel the need to be a productive member of society.

But there is no reason why we shouldn’t love what we do. Recently I’ve been looking for a purpose to what I can do as a designer, a direction if you will. I found a very useful article in Freelance Switch, that talks about casting a vision for your life and the challenges that that entails. You can read the full article here: Cast a Vision – and stick to it

The first thing that the article asks you to do is, define your interests in bullet points. This turned out to be a little harder than it looked, at least for me. In part because I found it hard to put my interests into words that made sense to me, and because I found that some of my interests are complicated.

But for the better or the worst I built my list, and here it is:

  • Writing – everything and anything
  • Drawing – from the world and my imagination
  • Learning – about the complicated world around us
  • Discovering – new, exciting things
  • Culture – of my home and others
  • Do it yourself – handmade, full of heart and soul, everything
  • Sustainability – how to create a sustainable life and community
  • Educating – sharing all of this with everyone I can
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