End Malaria – a Book for a Good Cause

“Did you know that every 45 seconds a child dies of malaria?” post via Workawesome

End Malaria Day

Image by robspiegel via Flickr

“End Malaria” is a new book by bestselling author Michael Bungay Stanier that is causing allot of buzz in the internet. The book filled with productivity tips and other like-minded advises, aims to help the Malaria No More organization end the spread of this disease.

The book is divided into eight areas of insight: Focus, Love and Be kind, Disrupt Normal, Take Small Steps, Embrace Systems, Get Physical, Collaborate and Create Freedom.

But this isn’t just another promotional help package. Each book sold reverts $20 to the Malaria No More organization. This may not seam like much, but when the book can be bought at $20 that means that all the money you spend on it is reverted to the organization.

The money goes to buy a mosquito nets to families in need and supports life-saving work in the fight against malaria.

You can only buy the book through Amazon. What you waiting for? Go get yours now!

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