Making Decisions

Life is a series of decisions.

WritingWe all make decisions every day. Some are as easy as getting up in the morning, and some are as hard as getting up in the morning (getting up in the morning can be very hard).

For the really complicated and hard decisions however, I have a process, a method or set of steps that helps me make my decision.

Step 1: Calming Down

When there’s a lot at stake in a decision I tend to get pretty nervous, so the first thing I need to do is calm myself. Usually I go for a walk or take a hot shower to wash of the stress.

Step 2: Finding a quiet place

Now that you’re calm it’s time to find a good place to think, where no one will interrupt you and you can relax. Usually I take a notebook and a pen and find a quiet bench in a park or some quiet coffee shop.

Step 3: Thinking on the paper

Now the real work begins. For me I find that it’s easier to find an answer to a dilemma by writing everything down, so when I’m faced with a hard decision I write down all that I know about the decision in hand and rationalize the solution from there.

Of all the decisions I have made, I never regretted one that I took by following this process. It helps me focus and truly whey all the sides of the choice I have to make.

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