A Lonely World

“I told him where I was going, and he hurried me out, pointing to the door with the gun, but what he didn’t know was…”

( via The Daily Post)

… that he wouldn’t make it trough the night. The wound in his leg had already bled for to long and he had lost most of his blood. I told him I was going for antibiotics and pain medicine, but I came back with morphine. As soon as he fainted we hurried him to the hospital, but it was to late, John died that night.

National Copper Bank, Salt Lake City 1911

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It was a hard day for everyone, and longer for some than for others. For me it started when at 5 P.M. paramedics were dispatched to a hostage situation. When I got to the bank where it all took place I learned that a man by the name of John had taken hostage two bank clerks and three clients.

As the day unfolded we learned that John had came to the bank to ask for a loan, and when refused took everyone at the bank hostage. What no one seemed able to find out was why he needed the loan.

The negotiations went on forever and by 10 P.M. the police had had enough and went in. It was mayhem, two hostages got shot and John was shot in the leg. But that wasn’t the end of it. At the end of the raid police found themselves in front of a wounded gunman holding a clerk hostage.

They backed out and I went in to tend to the shooter’s hounds. He released the clerk in exchange for me. As soon as I saw the wound I told him he needed a hospital, but he wouldn’t listen.

I did the best I could, and as I work on his leg he told me his history. His son had died recently and he had no money to bury him, all he wanted was to put his son to rest.

The next day I made the arrangements for their funeral father and son, and thought of how sad our society is, and how little we care about each other.

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