Task & Time Management

We all struggle with managing the tasks we have to accomplish and the time we have to do them in.

As a big fan of paper I usually do that by writing it all down in a calendar, but it’s far from a perfect system. Unplanned things happen, people change meetings, and appointments spring out of the floor like mushrooms. Which makes for a very messy calendar full of scratches and erased patches.


But recently I found an answer to my predicament. It’s called Wunderlist and at a first glance it’s just another task management tool. But this tool works brilliantly. It’s simple to use and intuitive and helps you keep track of all your to-do lists, and even prioritize between them.

It made my life allot simpler and now I have all my tasks on Wunderlist and every day write down on my calender what I’m doing for the day. It keeps my calendar clean and easy to read as well as allowing for last minute changes.

And Wunderlist is available for download in every software out there: Windows, Mac OS, IPhone, Android, and now even Linux. And all this for free!

I love it, try it out yourself, it just might make your life easier!

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