Working as a Group

The human being is a social animal. We enjoy the company of others and are happiest around other people.


Image by JeremyOK via Flickr

However, for the great majority of people, it seems that working in a group is incredibly hard, if not painful.

There are a lot of things that make group endeavours hard. And that will ultimately make it harder for people to commit to them.

The first obstacle for group work is scheduling, the bigger the group the harder it will be to schedule time to where everyone is available to meet and work. And if you can’t gather everyone at the same time then making decisions, that was already hard to begin with, just gets harder.

But lets assume that by some miracle in heaven you got everyone together. Now you have to do the work, and no matter what the work is it will involve two things: making decisions and dividing work.

Making decisions as a group is near impossible. Every element of the group has an opinion, a way to see things that it his own, and a vision of how things should be. To be in a group is ultimately to compromise. The larger the group is, the harder it is to reach a compromise that everyone is content with.

After the major decisions are made you might need to divide the work. There are two reasons why this is a hard task. Firstly everyone has a task they would like to do, and there might be people that want to do the same task. If you have enough people to spare, try to make everyone happy with the task they’re developing. Not only will the work move faster, but it will ease the environment in the group. Secondly people will have to trust each other. When you divide things into task for individuals to do it all becomes a matter of trust. You need to have faith that everyone will do their job. And faith is not always easy.

It is truly fascinating how our nature contradicts itself. We love to be in the company of others, but we hate having to work with others.

At the end of the day there are two things needed to work in a group. Patience and faith. If you have both in good supply, good journey, and good luck.

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