Time Has Passed But I’m Still the Same Girl

This post was inspired by “The Flying Onion”  and a post entitled: Still The Same Girl

Life is about evolving, changing, growing. We all change, a little bit, everyday. It’s part of being human and as scary as change may seem at times, it is at the end of the day good thing.

But in the mist of all this change how do you know who you are?

If everyday you change a little more, what is it that makes you you?

Growing up I was a quiet girl. I didn’t have many friends and I preferred spending my time alone with my thoughts than with other people. Nowadays I like the company of people, and I have plenty of friends to share my days with. But even though I am much more social now I still like my quiet times, specially when I need to think, and I can often be found sitting alone with my mind miles way.

Sitting Alone

Image by naraekim0801 via Flickr

Lots of other things changed for me over the years. I was a scientist now I’m an artist. But I still feel passionate about what I do and I still feel that same edge to do the best I possibly can.

I used to hate waking up early now I feel slow and sluggish all day if I don’t.

Sunrise in the fog, near Horicon, Wisconsin.

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But no matter how much I’ve changed over the years I’m still the same girl.

I still get emotional over everything.

I still love animals of every kind, from dogs to cats and parrots and snakes.

I still have that strong minded girl in me that sat alone at lunch, only now I don’t sit alone and I actually speak my mind.

At the end we are who we are because of what drives us and even if that focus may change the will you have to follow it won’t. And you’ll always do it in your own unique way.

How have you changed over the years? And what in stays the same and keeps you true to yourself?

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3 thoughts on “Time Has Passed But I’m Still the Same Girl

  1. Arz Sra says:

    🙂 Coincidentally just wrote my ‘about’ in my google+ profile – Seems as if I was answering your question. Copy pasting it. –

    ” “One cannot define oneself. Because each moment one is changing. We tether ourselves to identities like – ‘serious’, ‘lover’, ‘intelligent’, ‘smart’, ‘unpredictable’ – these are the opinions we keep carrying about ourselves. This keep us from merging with the flow – what is. Our identities become important , living becomes secondary. Our actions spring from superficial identities, not from the source.

    I am what I am and I am renewed each moment. Each next day I find myself contradicting my past. I am not tied to either logic or heart. Logic is not the way to live, neither is heart. Life is here and now. Logic and heart are just prisons we build to have some comfort in this flux of life. Life is uncertain and mind seeks certainty. Life is a flow, its not stable. Mind seeks stability through notions and emotions. We seek psychological comforts in identities.

    You cling to identities. You think you are what you think you are. You are what you are irrespective of what you think. When you can let go of this burden, You realize what life is. You live for the first time. You realize freedom is not in the Choice. Its rather in choicelessness. A surrender. A choiceless surrender.

    To define oneself is to create a peg and tie oneself to it.

    To know me you have to be with me. Even then you will only know that part which is already present in you. The ‘other’ will confuse you, it may inspire awe , or it may cause pain. But this is how life is and this is how we are – Flowing and merging into each other………… inevitably.

    P.S – If you are facing any psychological, spiritual issues or just generally want to talk over these matters , Feel Free to contact me anytime. I’ll be more than happy to help you out – not as a preacher or teacher, but as a human. You can Call me, Mail me, if you are around Chandigarh we can also Meet in person. You don’t need to pay anything except your attention.” “

  2. Arz Sra says:

    “How have you changed over the years? And what in stays the same and keeps you true to yourself?”

    Nothing stays the same. If it does stay same then realize that you are holding on to something. There is no ‘I’ to be true to. Ego lives through identities, it needs an ‘I’ to survive. Conforming to ‘i’ is not the way to live. If you can laugh at the ‘I’, you’ll see a tremendous change and you will never regret it. We take ourselves too seriously. Out of fear we hold to beliefs, concepts and identities. I am reminded of a Rumi quote –

    “I died as a mineral and became a plant,
    I died as plant and rose to animal,
    I died as animal and I was Man.
    Why should I fear? When was I less by dying? ”

    Don’t cling. Don”t analyze. Live with complete trust and surrender. This is freedom.

    I have changed over the years but all those changes were superficial. Just like changing prisons. From one idea to another, from one ideology to another, from one identity to another. I was the same miserable person though outer coverings kept changing. To even call it change is not right, it was just replacement.

    True change comes through letting go of the need to control. Embrace the uncertainty of life. Flow with it. It may even kill you. Its not concerned about you. It is as it is. But it may still kill you in spite of all your struggling. What you have is the moment. Would you like to spend it struggling to get somewhere or to trust the flow?

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