Life is a Fleeting Moment

bike in the rain

Image by Brad.K via Flickr

Today I did something I rarely do and that I hate to do. I went to a funeral. I never felt comfortable at funerals, nothing that we can say will make any difference and I always feel like we shouldn’t be there.

It made me realise how frail we are and how temporary our time in this world is.

Most of us spend our days looking back thinking of what we could have done better and worrying about what the future will bring us. But the truth is that we cannot change the past and nothing in the future is granted, not even the next day.

The fact that we are alive is a true miracle, the fact that the heart in our chest beats everyday is something to be happy about.

Life is short and we worry to much.

Portugal, my country, is now the most depressed country in Europe, only second in the world to the U.S.A. Undoubtedly these are hard times and the economy crises is likely to drives us all crazy before we go broke. But we’re still alive!

Maybe it’s time to start enjoying the simple things in life, and maybe, just maybe taking a breath everyday and watching the sky is enough of a reason to be happy.

Enjoy life everyone, we only have one!

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2 thoughts on “Life is a Fleeting Moment

  1. You’re wise, at 21, to know this. I am now in my 50s and there was a period, about four years ago, that we lost 12 friends within two years to premature death. It shook us up terribly and reminded us how precious every healthy minute is.

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