Confessions of a Lover

Broken Hearts are for........................

Image by Meneer De Braker (Akbar2) via Flickr

I give myself completely to everything that I do, and everyone that I’m with.

With no reserves or safety nets I fall into these worlds.

And when they come tumbling down, when they hit a bump in the road, I am so without guard that my heart shatters into a million pieces.

My heart is left broken, apparently without repair.

I carefully pick up all the little pieces and place them in a heart shape box. I then wrap that box tightly in red cloth, so that it looks as if it never broke.

And then for some foolish and senseless reason I do it all over again. I give my heart away to life and love and believe it wont break this time.

I do this because for all the pain a broken heart brings, true love and true passion bring enough joy to mend it all.

So I rather take the risk of making my heart into a Humpty Dumpty than not ever showing the world that it exists, and not ever feel it beat joyfully in my chest.

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