The Responsabilities of our Generation

“One of the reasons that our species has come to dominate life on earth is that we have powerful imaginations and enormous capacities for creativity. As the largest generation in history so far, how well we use these capacities now will determine how many more people live on earth after us and in what circumstances. You may be one of 80 billion, but each of our lives, brief as it is, is unique and, to a large extent, of our own making.”

Sir Ken Robinson Author of The Element from 99Percent

This quote from Sir Ken Robinson has an immense power. It talks about two very distinct but very connected realities. Realities that are extremely important in today’s reality, if not vital.

The first of those realities is our responsibility to the generations that will follow. In such a critical time in the life of mankind we are all responsible for the future that we create and what that future will bring to the generations that will follow. The current economic climate, global warming and the extremes of our global society, are living, breathing proofs that we can’t continue the way we have so far. As the days and years of our generations roll by it becomes more and more urgent to change something. Sir Ken Robinson remind us that we have the power to do so, that no matter all the mistakes done so far humanity is the one species with the power to change things, in his words we are the species that has the most: “powerful imaginations and enormous capacities for creativity”.


Image by ginnerobot via Flickr

Most of us however still feel that we are powerless against the challenges ahead of us. After all we are just individuals and the question of how much can we truly change still lingers in our mind. This is the second reality that Sir Ken Robinson talks about in this quote. That no matter the fact that we are an individual in a mass of billions and independently from the brief life that we live it is still our own life and we hold the power to shape it. Even if we cannot control society we can still, to a great extent, control the direction of our own life, and that’s where our power lies. If we all do our best for the planet and for mankind isn’t it safe to say that things will get better?

There is a book from José Saramago called “The Anarchist Banker”. At first glance this may seam a strange notion, but as you read trough the book the banker explains his reasoning and it all starts to make a lot more sense. Anarchy strives for the liberation of every man from the oppressions of society, the conclusion of the banker is that to truly be an anarchist he must strive to make himself free from those oppressions, without interfering in other peoples life’s, because helping anyone else would be a tyranny and go against the anarchist principles. The concept is quite strange and caused me allot of pause, but the core believe that the anarchist banker holds is that if everyone strives for the goal of a free society on their own, than that society is possible and will ultimately be achieved.

That is exactly what is asked of us to believe when in comes to the future of humanity, that if we all do our very best than all will be okay. Maybe it is foolish to have such blind fate in the future, but if your doing all that you can do than what remorse can you have?

These are complicated times and I don’t believe that the answers are in any way simple, but we all have to start somewhere. Do you believe your actions have the power to shape the world?

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