Branding Yourself – The final version

Creating your own brand can be hard, so here are a few advices.

  1. Use your own name;
  2. Find something that you love or that identifies you, it can be a colour an animal a flower anything at all;
  3. Make it your own, give it a personal touch;
  4. Love it! People will always criticize, at the end of the day you need to love it.

Here’s my final brand.

The initial inspiration was a Marta, an animal that has my name, I used tones of grey t show professionalism and adaptability and several lines to show the illustration side of it, which is what I love to do!


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4 thoughts on “Branding Yourself – The final version

  1. like very much…but, glad you explained the “Marta”…never had heard of that…

  2. Marta Sofia says:

    Most people don’t but it’s a part of who I am 😛 I grew up with people joking that I was a mammal with fur!
    Thanks for reading my blog!

  3. This is the most helpful of all on the www. I love cat but your words are so wonderful.

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