NaNoWriMo – Novel Outiline

Oh my god! How time passes! There are only 10 days 13 hours 7 minutes and 45 seconds for the start of the National Novel Writing Month!

Time has gotten way from me!

So I guess it’s time to write down an outline for my novel.

After some math I’m aiming for 15 chapters. Which gives me about 10 pages per chapter.

In case you don’t remember the theme of my novel is going to be Alzheimer. The plan is to describe the daily live of a person with Alzheimer, from the day they discover their disease to the day it all ends.

So here it goes, the outline for the 15 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Lost in your own mind – introduction to the theme, basic facts of alzheimer and of what happened to the main character
  • Chapter 2: Flashes – already in the nursing home flashes of the past come to her
  • Chapter 3: The diagnosis – this is the day that the main character learns she has alzheimer
  • Chapter 4: Making preparations – after leaning about the diagnosis the main character prepares her future years
  • Chapter 5: The first signs – the first signs of the illness start showing
  • Chapter 6: Training your mind – the motions and activities to delay the advancement of the disease
  • Chapter 7: Living with alzheimer – as the disease progress family and friends help out
  • Chapter 8: Moving day – the disease is now well spread and the time to move to a nursing home has come
  • Chapter 9: First days in the nursing home – the family comes visit and the day-to-day of living in a nursing home starts to settle
  • Chapter 10: The letter – it’s been months since she’s been in the nursing home and the husband finds a letter from her
  • Chapter 11: Coming to terms – the main character comes to terms with her disease and writes to her family talking about it
  • Chapter 12: Not knowing – the main character finds herself in a nursing home not knowing anything about what surrounds her
  • Chapter 13: Starting from scratch daily – everyday is now a new beginning and everything is new and scary
  • Chapter 14: The last day – the main character dies
  • Chapter15: The funeral – family and friends remember her for what she was in life
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5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo – Novel Outiline

  1. neontape says:

    I haven’t thought of outlining my NaNoWriMo entry. Thanks for a nice idea. 🙂

  2. That’s a great outline! I have basic ideas, but I need to work on organizing them because I’m sure that will make it easier. Good luck!

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