Hand to Mouth by Paul Auster

It is said that nothing is achieved without effort, will and passion. However, when you walk around a book store and see all those successful writers it’s hard to believe that things could have ever been hard for them. But Paul Auster shows us just how wrong we are.

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A few years ago, while I was still in high school, and still trying to figure out what to do with myself I bought a book by Paul Auster called “Hand to Mouth”. The book talks about his struggle to find a place for himself in this world and how he became a published author.

When I first bought the book I couldn’t even finish it, it bored me and I couldn’t see the interest in reading about the problems he faced…. bad timing I guess. The truth is that now this book speaks to me louder than most, although I’m not as bad of as he was I can relate to what he felt then. I can see myself in his fears and doubts and seeing how it all turn out okay for him gives me the strength to believe that, much like him, I’ll find my way.

It’s a wonderful book, and everyone should read it, but I specially advice it to those that are fresh out of college, unemployed or considering a change of career.

In this book, Paul Auster brilliantly captures all the challenges and feelings of entering the real world, and for all of us going trough that shift it serves as an anchor that reminds us that everyone feels like this, and that as long as you have the will to keep fighting there’s still hope.

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One thought on “Hand to Mouth by Paul Auster

  1. I’ve read books that bored me, but later resonated so deeply with me. This one sounds great – I’ll add it to the top of my to-read list. Thanks for the recommendation!

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