“We’re a culture, not a costume.” by STARS

Let me start by thanking fellow bloger Melissa for bringing attention to this wonderful propaganda by STARS, you can find her blog, the “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, here!

STARS stands for, Students Teaching Against Racism (STARS) and it’s a student organization from the University of Ohio. They recently launched a poster campaign against racism that is starting quite a buzz. The poster aims to show people that it’s not okay to stereotype a culture. And that racism is still very much alive in our society.

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You can read several articles on these posters in The Daily Wildcat, The Huffington Post, Jezebel, Clutch Magazine. Check them out!

Living on an island racism has been a part of my day to day life for many years. As I was growing up there weren’t many people from other cultures here and so racism was somewhat dormant, but as the years rolled by and people from all over the world came to visit and live here it was soon evident the discomfort of our elders and the difference in treatment these peoples received.

Nowadays it’s no longer as evident as it once was but there is still prejudice, people still look twice at a black man in a high priced store and Ukrainians are still look at as delinquents and free-loaders.

But change is coming! As the younger generations come into adulthood racism seems to evaporate and even the elders seem embarrassed to be racist and make efforts to change their ways.

Now one’s perfect, I shamefully admit that I get nervous if I’m alone in the middle of the night waiting for a bus with a black man besides me, but I do my best to overcome that fear and talk to the person and see just how wrong I was, and that at the end we are all the same. It’s a reaction that comes from lack of practice and little contact with other cultures, but it’s a reaction a aim to abolish every time!

I believe that as long as we all do our best to let go of our prejudice and teach others to do the same racism can truly be abolished.

It is important to remember that racism is still alive, and that is still a problem in our society. But a problem that can be overcome!

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