Where does inspiration come from after all?


Image by Michael Mistretta via Flickr

Lately I’ve found it hard to find inspiration to write. Maybe it’s because of the stand still state I’m in right now, maybe it’s just a passing thing. Anyway since I couldn’t find the inspiration to write I thought I’d find out what is inspiration after all.

So according to the dictionary inspiration is and idea or thought that comes to you in an instance, or according to a theological view an infusion of a divine will in a human consciousness.

I’m not a religious person but I find this last definition quite intriguing. To say that inspiration is an idea that comes to us suddenly is somewhat obscure if not inaccurate. For me I find inspiration in other people work, many times work from areas different that mine that for some reason resonate with me, it seems to me that if an idea comes from looking at other peoples work that it isn’t truly sudden, it’s more like a building up of momentum inside of you. The second definition talks about an infusion of will by some divine power. It seems to me more accurate to say that inspiration is something that is infused in you, be it trough divine will or trough the expressions of the world around you (which is for me the truest form of the divine) that somehow find their way into your heart and together with it create something new.

Whatever you believe about the origins of inspiration there is one thing where I’m sure everyone will agree, inspiration is something to be treasured  and enjoyed!

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