7 Billion Humans on Earth

People at the Museum

Image by ancawonka via Flickr

The current world population at the time I wrote this post was, according to Worldometers, 6,999,778,243 almost 7 Billion People. We are expected to reach the 7 Billion mark in one day time.

It’s an unbelievable number, I can’t even begin to imagine what 7 Billion people looks like. But perhaps the most amazing thing isn’t the shear number of people but the diversity in them. We are talking of 7 Billion individuals all absolutely and completely unique, everyone of these human beings has it’s  own believes, dreams and live experiences as different from you and me.

In honour of this moment in history BBC News has created an application that shows where you are in our 7 Billions. You can see your results here! Here are mine:

When I was born I was the 5,259,379,222 nd person alive on earth and the 80,300,797,411 th person to have lived since history began.

My country Portugal has a population of 10,684,425 people, every hour there are 12 births, 12 deaths and +3 Immigrants creating an yearly growth of +0.2%.

Females in my country have an average life expectancy of 81.8 years.

These numbers may seem useless but they tell me several things. Firstly they tell me that I’m a part of the biggest population growth in the history of humanity. Secondly that my country isn’t growing, children aren’t being born and the little growth we have is due to people that come to live here from other countries. And finally it tells me that I’m likely to live till I’m 80 and that the men in my society will most likely only live to see 75.

We have a responsibility, as part of the biggest population growth ever to make this world a better place for everyone being born to it. As a Portuguese I have the responsibility to make my country a better place, a place where people want and can create a family. And as a women who will live till she’s 80, I have the responsibility to make the best of my time.

I’ll leave you with a piece from BBC News on the future of population growth in the world, check it out here!

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One thought on “7 Billion Humans on Earth

  1. Very interesting…sure makes you think about our lives…my family on my Mom’s side lived to be in their 90’s…my Mom 98 …we’ll see about me…we have lived differently… sure that influences things…but, you’ve got me thinking…that’s a good thing!

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