The Gift of Life

Chinese hamster example

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I own two adorable little hamsters. A boy and a girl both about one month old. Recently the female got pregnant and gave birth to seven tiny pink hamsters.

It’s been almost three weeks since they were born and there is only one left. The rest of them died, I don’t know why, she didn’t abandon them so maybe she didn’t have enough milk for all of them.

The one that survived is this small cute hamster with brown and black stripes and two white stripes right under his cheeks. He wobbles around the cage with unsteady but determined steps, walking back and forth between the bed and the food. He started eating a few days ago so I think he’ll make it.

I sit by the cage staring at him, he’s like a little miracle. That resilient little hamster reminded me of what a blessing life is. He’s the one that made it and he didn’t have it easy but he’s still here and still fighting.

That little hamster has every reason in the world to give up, put down the towel and do nothing all day, but he doesn’t. He reminds me that I’m here, I’m alive, I’m one of the lucky one’s, I get to live and go trough this adventure, it’s a blessing to be alive and we should enjoy every second of it!

In honour of  Piccolo the most resilient and brave hamster I know.

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