Writer’s Block Crushed!

So my NaNoWriMo experience has been an ups and downs kind of a ride, and I’ve been having some troubles keeping the story going witch meant getting behind on my word count. But after following Kristen Lamb’s advice on her post: Ways to develop your unique writing voice. And creating a brand new and highly organized outline. I have successfully avoided a writer’s block, and reached my first milestone.

I am now officially over the 10k mark and on my way to reach the 20k mark this weekend. Witch will get me back on track with my word count.

If your feeling stuck or didn’t write a plot outline or the one you wrote isn’t working for you anymore, check out this blog post on how to create a plot outline in 8 easy steps.

It has been an amazing ride! I started filled with energy and wanting to really do this! And although along the way I kind of lost my momentum, I was still having fun. But now the momentum is back with a vengeance!

It’s been incredibly fun to do this, and I have come to love my little baby novel and really wish to polish it when NaNoWriMo is over.


My current word count is: 10 194 / 50 000

You can read the full novel here.

Note: only the first 4 chapters are completed.

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