The Power of a Letter

We live in a world of electronic communication and as practical as that is it has it’s downsides.

Every day I check my mailbox, not the electronic one, although I do that to, the physical one. You know what I’m talking about, that thing at your front door where you get mainly bills and publicity. It’s quite a depressing action nowadays, in a good day you find some catalogue you like or maybe some discount cards, in a bad day all you get are bills that people want you to pay. Gone are the days that you would get actual letters in your mail, hand written with an actual stamps.

vintage envelopeYesterday I went to get my mail and found a surprise in it. A letter, an actual letter, hand written in a white envelope and with a familiar name on it. I stopped a little dumbstruck in front of the mailbox, a letter there’s a letter for me in my mail, an actual letter, for me? I really wasn’t expecting it and it made my day. I loved it! Before I even opened it I loved it.

There is so much tangible care and attention in a letter, it took time, it wasn’t just tipping something in a screen, it took attention and care.

It’s quite amazing how something as simple as a letter can make your day. I’m grateful to the person that sent that postcard. I’m tankful that that person took the time to think of me and send me a letter, it’s such a beautiful letter, it’s such a beautiful thing to do for someone.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of a Letter

  1. Even in our world full of technology, there’s something so sincere about a hand written letter. I don’t think this can ever be replaced–even by an iPad app. It’s such a good practice to hand write thank yous or send a card to a friend as a way to catch up rather than an email.

  2. What a nice surprise! I actually have 3 real snail mail letters in my purse to mail..hopefully today..I forgot about them until I read your post!

  3. I send my Grandkids cards in the mail for all the holidays…and I love getting Christmas cards myself…so I try and send them also…some say,” it’s so expensive!”…I think of it as a gift under a $1.00…that might be my next blog…who would have known…thanks!

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