Christmas List

Every year I write down a list of the things that I would like to get for Christmas. They’re usually irealistic or expensive things that I would just love to have. This year, it hasn’t really changed much, although I believe that the list is now allot more practical.

I don’t really expect to get any of these things for Christmas, it’s just my wish list and if all the people I love would get together and give me just one of these things it would be brilliant.

  1. Computer arts (the Portuguese version) one year signature. This is my must have for this year. Computer Arts is a magazine that follows the ins and outs of all forms of digital art and design. The magazine is filled with amazing art work, interviews with the top leaders of the industry, themed articles about details of working in the industry and great tutorials. It’s a great source of information and I buy every single number, it would be awesome to get it at home.
  2. Wacom Tablets. Wacom develops drawing tablets for creative professionals everywhere and there are two of their tablets that I would love to own. The first is a Cintiq this line of tablets allows you to draw while seeing the screen directly on your drawing surface. The second one is a new product that they launched called Inkling it allows you to use their pen to write on actual paper, the pen records your drawing and transforms it into a digital and vectorial drawing.
  3. Holstee. I discovered the holstee project earlier this month and fell in love with it. There are two things that I would like from their store. First of all their poster that carries their brilliant message and secondly their tote bag that has a brilliant and funky design.
  4. Moo Pack of Mini Business cards. I love moo cards and after redesigning my cards I can’t wait to have them printed out. And get a matching card holder to go with them.
  5. one year membership. Lynda is one of the best known training websites in the top creative softwares and a membership of this website would be a serious investment for the future.

Even if I don’t get any of these things I’ll still be happy, it’s just a wish list, not a need list, all I really need is friends, family and a smile.

Hope you get everything you wished for Christmas this year!

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