Flash Games – Record Tripping

You can find the strangest most interesting things while surfing trough the internet. The other day I found a flash game that caught my eye. It’s called Record Tripping.

Record Tripping combines a simple set of commands with a whimsical and unusual setting, taking you trough several sceneries where your only task is to complete a series of puzzles.

It may not seem like much but this easy going and simple game has a lot of work behind it. Between the beautifully created graphics, the attention to detail and the coding behind it, this game is worth the attention.

It’s an additive scenery and if your looking for some simple innocent way to spend the dead hours of the day this is a good to do it. it’s fun to play and you always want to now what the next level will bring.

You can find out for yourself about this game here! Enjoy!

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