Bank of Imagination

ἭλιοςThe Bank of Imagination is a website created by Camper. In it you’ll find a storage of ideas where anyone can leave an idea, the ideas that you leave there are then free for everyone to use.

The Bank works from an theory where ideas are only truly valuable if their free. It’s undoubtedly a powerful idea, it can have the capacity to bring more ideas to fruition, to improve the world, to make a difference.

The page is still in it’s beta stage and most of the ideas in it are simple, silly and inconsequential. but that’s an easy thing to change. Join the site, and add your ideas, everything from things that could change the world to things that inspire you or make you feel good.

It’s easy to use and looking trough other people ideas is allot of fun! You can visit the site here!Enjoy!

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